What’s A Mejiro?

My name is Oona, and I am a one woman small business, specializing in handmade one of a kind and small batch jewelry. Originally from Hākalau on the Big Island of Hawai'i, I now reside in Redmond, Oregon with my husband, 2 dogs (Nala & Ronin), 2 cats (Ragnar & Nova), ducks (Webbington & Bobbers), chickens, and a growing herd of hair sheep! 
So what is a mejiro? Mejiro (meh-gee-row) are little green birds otherwise known as the Japanese white eye, or Japanese rice bird. I grew up on a 12 acre tropical plant farm and nursery where these birds would love to flit around the lychee trees. They used to be much more rare and shy back then, only venturing out in early morning and dusk, so it felt special to see them. I developed a connection with the experience, since I had to be very still, quite and patient for them to show themselves.
My favorite materials to work with are gold fill or sterling silver, opals, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, Tahitian pearls, tourmaline, apatite, coral, fossilized shark teeth, and shells.
Potential inspiration can come from all over, and I usually find it through my multi cultural mixed background, different people I've met, places I've been, and emotions I've felt during those experiences.
I also strive to be a give back business, and especially like to donate to organizations for single mothers and their children, kūpuna, mental health, and the environment.